About Us

My name is Bob Elko and I took on the Presidency of Hub Lakes this past winter. I myself have enjoyed over 40 years of participation in Hub sports and although I only participate now as the voice you hear at Swim Championship Sunday, I am deeply committed to the league and the idea of providing such a wonderful and enjoyable venue for our children AND our adult members. As past President George Kaminsky mentioned in his message last year, Hub Lakes just completed it's 68th year of existence providing a good healthy, competitive, and fun experience for it's 12 lake members. This being my first year as President, I want to bring to the forefront a couple of concerns for the continuance of the Leagues existence. First I want to address the ages of some of the Board members ages. We desperately need an infusion of younger blood and fresh ideas. Even as I serve as President of the organization, I, too am a little long in the tooth at 70 years of age. However, I am younger than the 2 Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary. If you are interested in getting involved you can contact me in private at my email address (sbelko@verizon.net or you can call me on my cell phone at 973-592-9804). It is not overpowering from a time spent basis but it is very rewarding. Secondly, we are making changes to put the League in better financial health thanks to the awesome work by members of the Board and their tireless efforts in their desire to see the Hub Lakes league continue on for other generations to enjoy. There are 15 sports (you can find them on this website under the "Sports" tab. If you would like to participate in one or multiple sports, all you have to do is contact the Lake Rep for your lake. You can find them listed under the tab "Officers" and they will gladly point you in the proper direction. For those of you that enjoy the athletic events, please continue to do so in the spirit of good sportsmanship, fun, and compliance the the sport's rules. I wasn't sure I wanted to serve as President but after meeting and seeing the passion of our various lake Reps, I am so glad I enlisted. The Lake Reps are a very special breed of people and I hold them in high esteem for the efforts they all put into their jobs. I look forward to hearing from any of you about your willingness to get involved.

Thank you Bob Elko President - Hub Lakes League