About Us

The Hub Lakes League is an association of twelve area lake communities competing in more than a dozen sports. Current participants include Lake Arrowhead, Estling Lake, Indian Lake, Lake Intervale, Mountain Lakes, Lake Parsippany, Cedar Lake, Rock Ridge, Rainbow Lakes, Lake Telemark, Lake Valhalla, and White Meadow Lake.

For more than 67 years, Hub Lakes has been providing its member organizations a venue for friendly competition in structured leagues and events. After all this time, it's still going strong, thanks to the voluntary efforts of our dedicated players, coaches, sports chairpersons, lake representatives, and officers.

Good sportsmanship is the cornerstone of Hub Lakes. Participants strive to play with integrity, of course, but sportsmanship goes beyond that. Competitors, coaches, and spectators should be supportive of their own players of course, but they should also be respectful of their opponents. Did someone make a great play, show extra effort, swim a fast time, bowl a strike, pitch a good shoe, hit a triple twenty, nail a dive, or bounce a spike? Offer some praise, whoever they play for! And take some time to talk to folks from other clubs. Many friendships and collaborations have come out of Hub Lakes, between people who otherwise would never have met. That's the beauty of our organization!

Good luck to all! Let's all enjoy another great year of Hub Lakes Sports!

George Kaminskyj, President